Your safari is ready!

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Meet your new best friends.

On safari, your new best friends are your game ranger and his trusted tracker. We can't emphasise enough the importance of this team ~ they keep you safe in the wild and show you Africa's treasures.
In them you get a powerful combination of training, instinct and experience. To be in their company is priceless, and their stories will leave you spell-bound.

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What do we base our tours on, at M B Safaris?

We have sourced: game viewing that really impressed us; engaging safari guides; safe and ultra-comfortable safari lodges with all facilities; warm hospitality; good food; and easy connections to lodges from airports. Plus ... an authentic sense of Africa. It will stay with you forever.
We also make sure you are met all along the way, at every exciting step of your tour. You're never on your own.

What are next steps?

Step # 1: Think about your safari budget. This will dictate the luxury level of your safari lodge. We ensure you enjoy top game viewing at all levels - comfort or luxury. That's why you use us.

Step # 2: Contact us. You can email or WhatsApp. Or both. Best to set up a time to chat, so email first. You can ask us anything safari related.

Step # 3: Can't decide who should book your safari for you? Read the safari company reviews. Then make two or three company approaches and judge the responses. Didn't work out? Do this step again - until you find someone you can work with.

Step # 4: That extra element - wildlife ethics. All too many safari operators don't consider animal ethics. But we know from experience that YOU care. We do, too. Look for a safari operator who cares.

Step # 5: Don't wait for last-minute deals or cancellations. They seldom come up for the better safari lodges.

Marianne Birrell Safaris ~ getting you safari-ready.

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